New controls for mouse and keyboard!

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New controls for mouse and keyboard!

New controls on the way!


From May 26, Happy Wars players will be able to choose a new control system for mouse and keyboard. With this new system, the biggest change will be noticed in the skill selection, and you can control with either the mouse wheel or with the numbers 1~9.


For the players who choose this control system, the UI will adapt showing all the skills in one single line, which is a display much more common in PC games.


We think that the new control system makes it easier to play the game with mouse and keyboard. We hope you like it!
Switching from the new and the old control system will be possible from the Options menu in the launcher.


These will be the default keybindings in the new control system. Of course, you can change them to match your preferences!

Up: W
Down: S
Left: A
Right: D
Super Attack/Super Enchant Attack: F
Select skill 1~9: 1~9
Guard/shoot: Mouse2
Zoom in: X
Zoom out: C
Default angle: Q
Game Menu: ESC
Map Menu: TAB
Join team skill: T
Voice Macro: V
Reload Cannon/missile: R