Save the SANTA December 22 – January 4

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Save the SANTA December 22 – January 4

“Save the SANTA” is in session!

In this game mode, Victory is declared when the SANTA infiltrates the enemy’s castle!
The first player to kill an enemy becomes the SANTA! After that, whoever kills the SANTA becomes the next SANTA.
You can enter a “Save the SANTA” match by clicking on the main menu signboard!
By playing “Save the SANTA” you can get one of the following limited items as a prize! Don’t miss it!


Class Item Type Item Name
Warrior Helmet Master Ninja Mask
Warrior Armor Master Ninja Garb
Warrior Weapon Fuma Star Blade
Warrior Shield Master Ninja Shield
Mage Helmet Hood of Oblivion
Mage Armor Robe of Oblivion
Mage Weapon Rod of Oblivion
Mage Accessary Platinum Raven

Available until UTC January 4