Berseker Released!

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Berseker Released!

Berseker class released!

The Berseker is finally here! This new extra class is focused on offense,
and it can equip weapons in both hands!
The Beseker has some skills in common with the Warrior and also some unique skills.
These are the Berseker’s unique skills:


Double Tomahawk
Throws weapons at foes

Increases attack power

Double Spinning Blade
Attacks surrounding enemies by spinning in an arc

Multiple Missile
Everybody is a missile! The team version of “Human Missile”

To unlock the Berseker class you can either spend 20 Happy Tickets or complete the Quests 44, 33 and 36.
You can assign any of your 3 Warrior Type slots to a Berseker from the Class & Equipment menu.