Extra class “Zephyr” Released!

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Extra class “Zephyr” Released!

The extra class “Zephyr” has been released!!

The Zephyr is finally here!! This extra Class specializes in manipulating enemies! The Zephyr has some skills in common with the Mage and also some unique skills.

These are the Zephyr’s unique skills:
Wind Swap
Trade places with an enemy. Unusable on enemies inside the castle wall.

Creates an area that will hold enemies.

Sends a cyclone forward to blast enemies.

Cyclone Rush
Starts a cyclone that sends foes flying in all directions.

To unlock the Zephyr class you can either spend 20 Happy Tickets or complete the following Quests:

Quest No.15:The Dreaded Mage
(30 total kills as any Mage type)

Quest No.43:And Become Legend…
(Appear on Hero pop-up 50 times total)

Quest No.52:The Twilight of Magic
(Kill 500 Mage types)

You can assign any of your 3 Mage Type slots to a Zephyr from the Class & Equipment menu.