Special Comeback Campaign! October 13 – 26

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Special Comeback Campaign! October 13 – 26

A special Comeback Campaign is on!
People who has not logged into Happy Wars since September 13 at 00 am (UTC) will have nice presents during 5 days!

The target users will get the following presents:
Day 1: Premium Member 7 Day Pass x 1
Day 2: Rank-Up Boosters x 5
Day 3 Happy Cards Free Passes x 2
Day 4: Big Hammer x 1, Fabled Ore x 6
Day 5: Happy Tickets x 30

By entering the game during the campaign, you can get one present per day, a total of 5 presents!
Those who are returning to Happy Wars after a long time, let’s play every day and enjoy your presents!

The receiving period ends on Wednesday, October 26.

To get all 5 presents it is necessary to enter the game 5 different days before the campaign ends.