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Skills for Warrior
smash A button skillSmashSend foes flying with a running hit. The impact causes enemies who were guarding to stagger.
Spinning A button skillSpinning BladeA spin attack that deals damage to surrounding foes.
charge A button skillCharge AttackBuild up power for a brutal attack!
rush A button skillRushCharge forward and send your foes flying!
stone B button skillStone ThrowThrow a stone at a foe.
roar B button skillRoarUnleash a roar to scare surrounding foes, making them
unable to attack.
rocketman B button skillRocketmanShoots oneself through the air like a missile.
superguard B button skillSuper GuardPower up your guard and deploy an enveloping shield, which also protects allies behind you.
shieldcharge B button skillShield ChargeCharge straight ahead while guarding! Hold the button down to lengthen the range to one of 4 levels
cheer Y button skillCheerA raucous group cheer that significantly increases the HP and attack power of the participants.
Y button skillIron PhalanxGet into formation to boost defensive power and guard against attacks from all directions.
Y button skillGroup RushCharges at foes as a team.
Skills for Cleric
heal A button skillHealHeal an ally’s HP.
dispel A button skillDispelErase ally’s status ailments, or foe’s enchant magic, wind trap, or construction materials.
resurrection A button skillResurrectionResurrect a dead ally.
sanctuary A button skillSanctuaryCreate an area that restores allies’ HP. The area disappears after a set time.
aura A button skillAuraCreates an area in which allies’ AP is restored. The area disappears after a set time.
dash B button skillDashBoost an ally’s movement speed.
summon B button skillSummon MaterialsSummon materials to build siege weapons and ladders. Can be used in front of siege weapon icons.
sacredarmor B button skillSacred ArmorUse Sacred Armor to neutralize a set amount of damage.
wall B button skillWallCreates a gigantic wall that blocks your enemies’ path.
Y button skillSacred SongPower up by singing together with your allies.
Y button skillTransportA skill that warps you and your teammates to your team’s tower.
Y button skillHappy MiracleA miracle that makes you Happy! Heal&Resurrect allies around you and change your enemies into flowers! Flowers move slowly and fall in one hit!
Skills for Mage
fireenchant A button skillFire EnchantApplies the Fire Enchant effect to an ally’s weapon.
lightningenchant A button skillLightning EnchantApplies the Lightning Enchant effect to an ally’s weapon.
windenchant A button skillWind EnchantApplies the Wind Enchant effect to an ally’s weapon.
iceenchant A button skillIce EnchantApplies the Ice Enchant effect to an ally’s weapon.
blizzard B button skillBlizzardUse a blizzard to attack multiple surrounding foes. Foes are likely to turn into snowmen.
magicnapalm B button skillMagic Napalm
Set flame pillar traps.
lightningstrike B button skillLightning StrikeCauses a bolt of lighting to strike and deal damage across a wide area.
windtrap B button skillWind TrapSets up a trap that blows foes away upon contact.
shapeshift B button skillShapeshiftTransforms the caster into something else, like a rock, to deceive the enemy. While active, you can only move.
LightningArrows Y button skillLightning ArrowsParticipants shoot a volley of light arrows at their foes. Use the left stick to control direction.
Tornadoes Y button skillTornadoParticipants summon a huge tornado to sweep up crowds of enemies. Use the left stick to control direction.
Meteor Y button skillMeteor StormsParticipants unleash a rain of meteors across the screen.
Skills for Berserker
B button skillDouble TomahawkAttack the enemy by throwing both of your weapons.
B button skillBerserkIncrease attack power.
A button skillDouble Spinning BladeAttack nearby enemies by
swinging your weapon in an arc.
Y button skillMultiple MissileTurns all participants into a human missile.
Skills for Engineer
B button skillUpdateUpgrades tactical weapons to give them increased power.
A button skillRepairFixes cannons, ladders and the castle gate.
A button skillCrash WorkBuild faster by using two hammers.
Y button skillUltimate WeaponSummons the materials for the robot.
Skills for Zephyr
B button skillWind SwapSwap positions with an enemy.
B button skillCaptureCreates a space that draws the enemy in.
B button skillCycloneLaunches a whirlwind against enemies in front of you.
Y button skillCyclone RushCreates a cyclone around participants and sends foes flying.

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