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There are three Main Classes: Warrior, Cleric, and Mage as well as three Extra Classes: Berserker, Engineer and Zephyr in Happy Wars




Warriors are an indispensible presence when fighting on the frontline. They lead the vanguard with weapons and shields.
Warrior Skills List


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The Cleric’s main roles are to heal and buff allies with support magic, as well as to create and build siege weapons.
Cleric Skills List


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Mages have powerful ranged magic but low defense. Mages should attack from a distance.
Mage Skills List


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The advanced class for Warrior. Berserkers carry one weapon in each hand for specialized attacks.
Berserker Skills List


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The advanced class for Cleric. They can upgrade weapons and summon a robot.
Engineer Skills List





The advanced class for Mage. They specialize in creating chaos among the enemy ranks.
Zephyr Skills List


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