Get Your Fan Kit!

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Get Your Fan Kit!

Happy Wallpapers and Headers coming your way!

This is the Management Team wishing you a Happy New Year!

Thanks to our wonderful players, we achieved a huge milestone last year with our 5th anniversary!
We promise to continue to work our hardest to make Happy Wars the best game it can be!

Many of you may have noticed the Fan Kit we released at the end of last year.
We apologize if the lack of a website announcement made it difficult to find, but you can access the various Fan Kit items by selecting Special at the top of our homepage.

※Certain browsers will display Blog instead of Special. Clear your cache in order to see Special.

Under Special, you’ll find several PC wallpapers, as well as Twitter and Facebook headers.
We’re also planning to add Smartphone wallpapers sometime in the future.

Access the Fan Kit right here!