Happy Memories Contest Results!

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Happy Memories Contest Results!

Announcing the Happy Memories Contest Winners!

This is the Happy Wars Management Team.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Happy Memories Contest—the response was overwhelming!
And of course, a big thank you to our voters as well, who helped select the grand prize winner!
Now, to announce the identity of the winner…

The Happy Memories Contest grand prize winner is none other than…
William Hightower!!!

Let’s take a look at the winner’s entry:

The happiest memories for me were
1. When I won the item design contest! I designed the “Winged beast Armor” for the MAGE in the first item design contest! I remember sitting there drawing and thinking “oh how cool it would be to contribute my own design into a game that I love and had been playing for years at that point. When the results came in and I saw my drawing as well as the other 2 winners I was ecstatic! I’d never considered myself an artist so I was beyond happy when I won. I don’t even want to admit this but I’m pretty sure I teared a little bit because of how happy I was haha.

2: Back in season 2 when the game took actual skill and these so called “glitches” weren’t done away with. I miss how back then a weighted average for skill and buffs was like 40:60. Now its like 20:80. Since then I know a lot of players who stopped playing because of the direction the game was moving in… Ive been playing since the beginning and though I disagree with certain changes, I still have always enjoyed the game.

If you enjoy my mage design or agree with what I said about season 2, leave a like!

Winning the Item Design Contest! An excellently Happy memory, as expected!
We’re considering holding another Item Design Contest, so stay tuned for more details!
We also appreciate the candid opinion on Happy Wars—we of the Management Team promise to work toward making the best game we can as we continue to support Happy Wars!

 Special Prize Winners

Next up are our special prize winners.
While these unfortunately did not make it into the top 5 nominees, they really struck a chord with the Management Team.
All special prize winners will receive an original T-shirt!
Check out 2 of them below:

Participant: Noah Rhynes‏ – Twitter
Oh my gosh, let me start by saying this game is amazing. Played 3 years now. I was hopping around, and found a horse (that update had just been released) and got on. I named him Fred. I was loving it. I screamed bloody murder as I destroyed everyone with that horse.

Participant: Luis Angel GC – Facebook

I am one of the people in the game who likes to make their characters look good.
And I always wanted a cefira as I have it now, when the dynamite of the Big Ban version 2 was in the happy letters I got it without hesitation.
I was very happy that day, because at last I had my cefira as I wanted it. (Beautiful and strong)
I still have a picture of the object because I always wanted it .. n.n
Not only I thought it looked good, other people also told me I even made drawings of it that I still keep and I keep with a lot of appreciation .. x3 (I would like to be able to teach them)
I think if I get to win the contest, maybe what I do is make it prettier … I’d really like

Hearing about our players giving their own names to in-game characters, or trying to stay fashionable while remaining deadly—these are the kinds of things we love to see.

We hope to hold another contest or event like this one some time in the future, and we hope to see you all there again soon!

As always, thank you for playing Happy Wars!
See you on the battlefield!

※We have sent out private messages to all winners of our original T-shirts and in-game prizes. Please check your private messages on both Facebook and Twitter, if you have not already.
T-shirts will be sent out in February.