“Happy Wars Item Design Contest” Update Vol.1!

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“Happy Wars Item Design Contest” Update Vol.1!

Hi, everyone!
I am Marie, Community Manager at Toylogic.
We held “Happy Wars Item Design Contest” from February to March this year. Our Toylogic Art Director created 2D designs including evolvable and evolved weapons based on the contest winners’ 3 classes designs! We will create 3D models based on the designs, and the models will be reflected into the game. 
From the top:
Warrior Design
Mage Design
Cleric Design

What do you think of his designs comparing to the originals? I think he created great designs by making the best use of the original designs without destroying their characteristics.
Original Designs
Warrior                                                                                            ■Mage



It’s exciting to see how they will turn out in the game! To all the winners, congratulations!
I will share 3D models of these designs for the next update.