Item Design Contest Round 2. Winners!

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Item Design Contest Round 2. Winners!

After a scrupulous selection process, we are announcing the winners of the Item Design Contest Round 2
But before that…!

Thank you all for such a big participation.
In this occasion we had a great number of applicants and all of the designs were incredibly good.
Of all the nice designs, there was a general opinion that making a model of only 3 sets was a waste, so we decided to have 3 First Prize winners, 6 Second Prize winners and a Special Jury Prize winner. A total of 10 winners!

The First Prize winner sets and the Second Prize winner sets will appear in the game.
They are all great sets that without a doubt will be carved in Happy Wars’ history!

And here they are, the design contest winners!

– First Prize –


Player : HH Capriwolven


Player : Carrera Goddess


Player : LoonyNeko111

Happy Wars’ Art Director will draw these items and they will appear in the game in an update around April.
These are designs worthy of the First Prize for sure!
We are looking forward to seeing how cool they will look in the game!

– Second Prize –




Player : ns 13tokaido


Player : Fluffle Duff


Player : dante5I


Player : SAT V12


Player : InactiveRaptor8

These sets will also be drawn by the Art Director and will appear in the game in an update around June.
These are unique designs never seen before in Happy Wars that will definitely stand out when equipped!

※Because we will model the First Prize winner sets first, please notice that it will take some time until the Second Prize winner sets appear in the game.

– Special Jury Prize –

Player : DaRKCRUSADEr089

This is a set that the Happy Wars staff specially liked because of the love and passion put into the design.
It will not appear in the game but our Art Director will make a special concept art out of it.

We will post more about the concept art and the 3D models in the official website, don’ miss it!

Congratulations to all the winners! 
We look forward to keep offering more fun events for all Happy Wars fans.

※About the present for the winners
We sent you a mail to the address you used to apply for the contest.
Please answer the mail by Monday, January 25.
The Happy Wars original T-shirt and the buff prizes will be delivered around the end of January.
The First Prize and Second Prize winners will also receive their designed complete item set when it comes to the game as part of the reward.

※Please note that if there is no answer until January 25, the Happy Wars T shirt and the reward prize deliveries will be cancelled.