“Item Design Contest Round 2” Second Prize concept art!

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“Item Design Contest Round 2” Second Prize concept art!

The concept art for the “Item Design Contest Round 2” Second Prize winners just arrived!

Let us show you in advance three designs out of the six Second Prize winners!
First, the Warrior by “AMIR AKIRA”, which features a lion, king of all beasts, the Cleric by “ns 13tokaido”, which was shaped after the Ultimate Weapon, and the mage by “Fluffle Duff”, which feels like it just stepped out of a Sci-Fi movie!

– Second Prize –



Player : ns 13tokaido

Player : Fluffle Duff

These designs barely missed the First Prize, but all of them are amazing sets with fascinating concepts!
We are looking forward to introducing you the in-game 3D models very soon.
It’s exciting to see the users’ original designs melting into the world of Happy Wars!

The items are planned to be released within a month, so please be patient a little longer!

* The other three Second Prize and the Special Jury Prize art work from the Art Director are in preparation.