“Mega Statue Campaign” July 21 – July 27

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“Mega Statue Campaign” July 21 – July 27

The Limited Campaign this week is “Mega Statue Campaign”.

This week, the chances of obtaining Statues as a fourth card in Happy Cards Limited Edition are multiplied by three!
Statues are popular items that increase equipment items’ level cap.
The max level of all items is 10 at the beginning, but you can raise it up to Level 15 by using Statues.
For both players who got new items last week and players who would like to keep Statues for the future, this is a good opportunity to obtain them since the chances are greatly increased now.

*The rate of obtaining a Statue is normally 5%, and during this campaign it’s increased to 15%.
*Please note that “Mega Statue Campaign” will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.

“Mega Statue Campaign” will be on until Wednesday, July 27.