“Special Challenge” continues from last week!

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“Special Challenge” continues from last week!

Get ready for “Special Challenge”‘s second weekend!

“Special Challenge” is a special co-op event where you have to work together to destroy armies of bad guys. There are 4 enemy teams this time, all from Round 10: “Dancing Babies”, “Mini Heroes”, “Baby Zombies”, and “Bad Babys.”
Join your friends in teaching a bunch of spoiled babies about nap time!

Obtain limited-edition co-op rewards this weekend too! Battle away in “Special Challenge” to earn an equipment set that’ll turn you into a baby.
With a whole batch of co-op points available, it’s time to gather around your Xbox with some milk and cookies!


Item Type Item Name
Helmet Teething Ring
Armor Baby Frock
Weapon Rattle Axe
Shield Toy Block
Helmet Sweet Teething Ring
Armor Sweetheart Rompers
Weapon Sweet Rattle
Shield Sweet Toy Block

Please note that the opening times will be as seen below:

Time in EST/EDT:
Friday, September 9 at 7 p.m. – Sunday, September 11 at 7 p.m
Time in UTC:
Saturday, September 10 at 0:00 – Sunday, September 11 at 24:00