“Buff Gem Blowout!” September 22 – September 28

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“Buff Gem Blowout!” September 22 – September 28

This week’s Limited Campaign is “Buff Gem Blowout!”

“Buff Gem Blowout!” campaign makes you receive a Buff Gem every time you draw a card in Happy Cards Limited Edition during Happy Time.

・What is a Buff Gem?
A “Buff Gem” is a rare item with a strong buff attached.
Normally you can get them at a very low probability when you draw a Happy Cards pack.

You can’t miss this chance to get a guaranteed Buff Gem!

We are offering Happy Card Sale at the same time, so you can try to obtain Buff Gems at a lower cost than other weeks.
Let’s draw some card packs at Happy Cards Limited Edition, and get strong items and buffs!

*Please note that “Buff Gem Blowout!” will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.
“Buff Gem Blowout!” runs until Wednesday, September 28.