“Domination” is on! October 1-2

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“Domination” is on! October 1-2

Domination” is on this weekend.

In “Domination”, you earn points by building small towers, and keep getting points by maintaining the towers on your team.
Your team wins if it collects 1000 points faster than the enemy team.
To speed things up, the tower building time is reduced compared to Quick Match.

You can’t destroy the Big Tower, but you still have many strategies to choose from.
Will you take that unprotected enemy tower or will you prioritize on protecting your own?
Not only you can build more towers, but it’s also good to make the enemy troops abandon formation and disperse in panic.

In any strategy you may take, “Domination” will be opened through the whole weekend… But be sure to get enough sleep!

Please note that the opening times will be as seen below:

Time in EST/EDT:
Friday, September 30 at 6 p.m. – Sunday, August 28 at 8 p.m
Time in UTC:
Friday, September 30 at 22:00 – Sunday, August 28 at 22:00