4th Anniversary Celebration Campaign! October 13 – 26

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4th Anniversary Celebration Campaign! October 13 – 26

Happy Wars entered its 4th year!

It has been 4 years since Happy Wars was released for the Xbox 360.
We want to thank you all for supporting the game for so long. From now on,
we will keep working to offer new content in Happy Wars.

In this occasion, to celebrate our 4th anniversary, the Special Match will be a Special Challenge a little bit different than usual.

“Special Challenge” is a game mode where players cooperate to defeat powerful bosses. In this update, we have enemy teams only available during the 4th anniversary campaign.

■Opening Period
We normally open Special Matches during the weekends, but this time it will be open for two weeks!
This is the perfect time to play a lot and have fun together!

Of course, having fun isn’t the only reward.
In this Special Challenge, as a Boss-Killing Reward, you will get a prize according to the damage dealt to the boss!

It is fun not to know for sure what will you get, but this time you might get some unusual items like High-grade stickers, Star Fragments, or Big Hammers…!

■Enemy Teams
Finally, this are the special teams that you will be facing:

Team “Revengers”
A union of many characters who have been beaten by you players in the past!
They created the team to revenge past affronts.

Team “Happy Wars All Stars”
Characters that you know from Happy Wars join the Special Challenge!
Of course the kings from the Light and Dark kingdoms, and other characters like the craftsman of Item Level-Up come to spice up the fight.

Team “Happy Box”
These strange people go around wearing Present Boxes.
They seem to believe that wearing them brings happiness.
You can just see the box, so can’t really know if they are going to explode, give you a big score, etc. until you defeat them!

Team ”4th Anniversary Party”
These ladies and gentlemen are suited up to celebrate the 4th anniversary.
There is a rumour that suggests they are developers from the company…!

Those are the 4 teams.
Which one will you face, is up to chance.
Play a lot to face many teams!