Boss Mission! October 27 – November 9

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Boss Mission! October 27 – November 9

Boss Mission is live!

During this event, the Co-op Mode becomes a “Boss Mission”. Instead of the usual “Grim reaper”, this time the bosses will be Halloween-related.

Hyper Franken Count Drakula King Okami
A monster with explosive force and skin like steel. A vampire with healing capability and enormous magic power. A werewolf that crosses the field at vertiginous speed and rapidly attacks its enemies.


If you contribute to the defeating the boss, you will get a reward depending on the damage dealt.
In Hell’s Challenge, you have much higher chances to get rare items that in Normal Difficulty.

The rewards include the rare items that you can only obtain in Boss Mission “Copper Ingot”, “Silver Ingot”, “Gold Ingot”, “High-Grade Sticker” and the Design Contest prize winner “Hydra Mage Set”
Items that have never appeared in Happy cards can be obtained in Boss Mission! What a great chance, right?


Item Type Item Name
Helmet Hydra Superior Head
Armor Hydra Scale Armor
Weapon Bicephalous Rod
Accessory Hydra Tail

Also, Buff Gems with Monster Slayer are appearing in Happy Cards Limited Edition.

If have the Monster Slayer buff attached, you can make immeasurable damage to special enemies such as bosses and Gatekeepers. Of course, if you put two Monster Slayer buffs in a weapon, the damage increases even more!
It also affects your Co-Op points and rewards, so make sure to get this buff!

Monster Slayer becomes a different popular buff when the campaign is over. It’s a very convenient buff because you can still use it even when there are no bosses.

In this occasion, Monster Slayer will become one of the following buffs:
・KO Effect Lv3
・Reduce Status Effect
・Anti-Warrior Aid

You can take the challenge as many times as you want, so this Halloween let’s face scary bosses in Happy Wars!

Boss Mission runs through Wednesday, November 9.
This season will end on UTC Thursday 10 at 0:00.