“Up! Up! Level-Up Campaign” November 3 – 9

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“Up! Up! Level-Up Campaign” November 3 – 9

This week, “Up! Up! Level-Up Campaign” is on too.

“Up! Up! Level-Up Campaign” is a campaign in which the blacksmith fully supports all users who would like to level up items.
He levels up your items for 25% less Happy Stars and Happy Tickets, also driving 25% more experience points.

If you have the evolvable weapons added last week, they need to level up after evolving as well!
This week, all items through Happy Cards Limited Edition appear at Level 8. Whether you want to level up the items you received there or to use them as level up materials, it’s wonderfully compatible with this “Up! Up! Level-Up Campaign”!

“Up! Up! Level-Up Campaign” will be available through Wednesday, November 9, so make the most of this opportunity!