“Bounty Hunters” is on!

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“Bounty Hunters” is on!

The special match of this weekend is “Bounty Hunters

In “Bounty Hunters,” every player has his own bounty. When you kill enemies, your team earns points and your bounty rises depending on your contribution. The maximum bounty each one of you can have is 7.777 points.
Either team gets points by killing enemies, saving allies, and building towers, and the team who reaches 80,000 points wins.

In the later scenes bigger amounts of bounty are given and taken, so the battles become more and more exiting.
There are different ways to score points other than defeating enemies with a high bounty.

For example, your team earns 25,000 points by destroying the Big Tower.
In “Bounty Hunters”, the bounty for a character is reset when they are killed, so you might also win by gathering from characters with low bounty and destroying the big tower in an epic upset.
Work effectively with your allies, and pull off a victory with an unorthodox strategy!

“Bounty Hunters” will run for the whole weekend!
Please note that the opening times will be as seen below:

EST/EDT Friday, November 25 at 7 p.m. – Sunday, November 27 at 7 p.m.
UTC Saturday, November 26 at 0:00 – Monday, November 28 at 0:00