Presents for Happy Dungeon Players!

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Presents for Happy Dungeon Players!

Happy Dungeons was officially released on December 6.
If you unlock certain achievements in Happy Dungeons, you will receive awesome presents when you enter Happy Wars!

These are the achievements and the presents you can get:

Achievement Unlock Conditions Reward
A Journey of 1000 Miles! Play Happy Dungeons Happy Tickets x100
And So It Begins! Complete the quest “Search for the Princess.” Happy Card Free Pass x1
Hope I Haven’t Mist Anything Complete the quest “Dense Fog.” Happy Tickets x30
Go Team! Complete a mission with at least two people remaining. Happy Tickets x 30
Happy Times! Open a card pack in Happy Cards. Fabled Ore x5
Hey There, Lil’ Buddy! Get a minion. Heroic Statue x1
Promising Rookie Reach player level 10. Happy Card Free Pass x 1
Adventuring Knight Reach player level 30. Happy Tickets x100

If you have unlocked any of the achievements above, you can get the rewards in Happy Wars by going past the Title Screen with the same profile.
*Please note that these rewards can only be received once per achievement unlocked.