Prepare yourself for the Special Challenge!

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Prepare yourself for the Special Challenge!

A new “Special Challenge” will be held for the next 2 weekends.

“Special Challenge” is a mode where you cooperate with other players to defeat powerful bosses.
This weekend’s special foe is none other than the armored giant, the Bulldozer!
The Bulldozer’s armor is all but impenetrable―and matched only by his terrifying strength!
If you don’t want this metal-encased behemoth digging you a new grave, then gather your allies and fight!

The Special Challenge will be held at specific times all weekend.

December 23th 19:00 ~ December 25th 18:59
December 30th 19:00 ~ January 1st 18:59

December 24th 0:00 ~ December 25th 23:59
December 31st 0:00 ~ January 1st 23:59

Let’s get special rewards!

A brand new Cleric set, the Bulldozer Set

Item Name Item Type
Bulldozer Helm Helmet
Bulldozer Armor Armor
Iron Crawler Weapon
Power Shovel Shield

That’s not all! You can also earn some other popular items:

Item Name Class Item Type
Alien Hat Cleric Helmet
Demon Wings All Classes Accessory
Cat Ears Mage Helmet
Honored Helm Warrior Helmet

Hell’s Challenge

Item Name Class Item Type
Alien Mother Cleric Helmet
Red Dragon Wing All Classes Accessory
Pedigreed Cat Ear Mage Helmet
Grand Master Helmet Warrior Helmet

*Those playing when Special Challenge goes live will need to return to the title screen before being able to enter.