Mega Statue Campaign! April 6th – April 13th!

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Mega Statue Campaign! April 6th – April 13th!

This week, the Mega Statue Campaign is coming to Happy Cards Limited Edition!

The Mega Statue Campaign is an awesome campaign that triples your chance to find a statue in Happy Cards Limited Edition!
With the mystical powers of a Statue, you can raise the maximum level of your Equipment Items!
The level cap for items can rise from 10 to as high as level 15 with statues.

During this event, the probability of obtaining a Statue is increased from 5% to 15%.

With this campaign you can make your strongest weapons even stronger! Defeat any foe that crosses your path with weapons that go above and beyond the max!

*Please note that the Mega Statue Campaign does not apply to normal Happy Cards.


Campaign Overview
Campaign Mega Statue Campaign
Duration April 6th – April 13th