5th Anniversary Login Campaign – Week 3!

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5th Anniversary Login Campaign – Week 3!

Last Week for Special Login Rewards!

Log in every day this week to receive fabulous rewards!

Even if you’re too busy to make it all 7 days, don’t worry!
Log in at least 5 times in one week for Happy Tickets!

All you have to do is log in and you’ll get tons of great stuff!
Be sure not to miss your chance!

Check out the different prizes below!

Login Bonus Rewards

Login Day Nov 16~
Day 1 Fabled Ore x3
Day 2 Star Fragment x1
Day 3 Big Hammer x1
Day 4 Star Fragment x1
Day 5 Happy Ticket x25
Day 6 Star Fragment x1
Day 7 Happy Star x10000

※If you have not received all 7 rewards by the end of the week, you will be unable to receive the remainder of that week’s prizes.
※Each week begins at 5:00 am EDT/EST
※Times are different in each region, please take care.