Happy Lottery Mission December 28th – January 4th

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Happy Lottery Mission December 28th – January 4th

Happy Lottery Mission Going on Now

The special mission Happy Lottery Mission is available during this campaign
Complete this mission to be entered into our Happy Lottery for a chance at obtaining fabulous prizes, including Happy Tickets and more!

The mission Happy Lottery Mission can be cleared by winning 5 Quick Matches.

7:00 pm December 28th – 7:00 pm January 4th (EST)
*Please note that it is necessary to restart the game for the update to have effect.

How to apply
Clear the mission Happy Lottery Mission (5 victories in Quick Match).

First Place: Happy Ticket x218 (1 Person)
Second Place: Colosseum Essential Buff Gem Set (8 People)
Third Place: Assorted Consumable Items (20 People)

*There will be no announcement for winners. Winners will receive their items directly.
*Prizes will be distributed some time in January.

Play Quick Matches and receive valuable items!