Get Ready for Domination! March 29th – April 1st

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Get Ready for Domination! March 29th – April 1st

Domination is on this weekend.

In Domination, players earn points by building small towers, and keep the points coming by maintaining their team’s towers.

Your team wins if they collect 1000 points before the enemy team does.
To speed things up, players build towers faster than in Quick Match!

You can’t destroy your opponent’s Big Tower, but there’s still plenty of strategies available to you!
Will you take that unprotected enemy tower? Or will you prioritize protecting your already constructed tower?

Don’t forget, building towers isn’t the only thing to focus on. Try to force enemy troops to abandon formation to divide and conquer.

Domination is open all weekend. Regardless of whether you’re a defensive player or an aggressive fighter, be prepared to seek total Domination!

*Opening times are as seen below

Opening times
EST Thursday, March 29th at 8 pm – Sunday, April 1st at 8 pm
UTC Friday, March 30th at 12 am – Monday, April 2nd at 12 am