Major Title Update is Here!

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Major Title Update is Here!

A major title update was released on June 5 (Friday)!

This title update includes a thorough revision of Co-op Mode to make it more compelling than ever, a renewal of the Tutorial Mode to help beginners to get up to speed quickly, addition of the Buff Gem item with a powerful buff attached, and numerous other additional features and bug-fixes.

The Main Updated Areas

  • Renewal of Co-op Mode
  • Unique Boss characters now appear, and there are more enemy teams that ever before! Special enemy characters appear depending on the situation of the game.
    Both Beginner and Normal difficulty levels are available.
    Playing Co-op Mode earns you reward points, based on which reward items are obtained.


  • Renewal of the Tutorial
  • Players new to Happy Wars now have an exclusive menu to help bring them up to speed with the game.
    Game elements are introduced step-by-step to gradually extend the beginner’s gameplay experience.


  • Balance Tuning for Skills and Buffs
  • Based on feedback from our fans, we have created a more satisfying game balance. Further tuning of the game balance is under planning.

  • Addition of the New “Buff Gem” Item
  • The “Buff Gem” is an item that includes a powerful buff. The buff can then be removed in “Item Remodeling” mode for attachment to the player’s desired item.

  • “Happy Chance!” Joins Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition
  • “Happy Chance!” occurs at a set probability outside of Happy Time. During Happy Chance, a “Buff Gem” can appear as the 4th item.

  • Locked Treasure Boxes Appear in the Treasure Map
  • Unlock a “Locked Treasure Box” to obtain a “Buff Gem”.
    Using the new “Magic Key” support item guarantees that the box can be unlocked. Unlocking is possible even without the “Magic Key”, but if unlocking fails, you receive Happy Stars instead of a “Buff Gem”.


  • The New Support Item “Magic Key” Is Now in the Item Shop
  • The “Magic Key” is an item for opening a “Locked Treasure Box” in the Treasure Map.

  • Happy Cards Has a New Item Filter
    Happy Cards Limited Edition Now Features a “Hand-Picked Items” Filter
  • For viewing only items with improved probability of obtainment in Happy Cards Limited Edition.

  • Fixed the Bug that initialized the saved data under certain circumstances in Split-Screen Mode on Xbox One.

  • Fixed the bug allowing equipment of a weapon in the Warrior’s left hand (position normally for shields).

  • Updated the order of the stages in Multiplayer Stages Selection.

  • Buff Bank mode in the Collections tab is now called “Buff Encyclopedia” mode.

  • The name of the buff list within Item Remodling mode is now called the “Buff Bank”.

  • Assorted other bug-fixes.