Save the GIANT KING this Weekend! July 22nd – July 25th

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Save the GIANT KING this Weekend! July 22nd – July 25th

Save the GIANT KING is coming this weekend!

The rules of Save the GIANT KING are the same as the other Save the KING games; the team that has the KING wins when their KING enters the enemy castle.
There is always only one GIANT KING in the match. The first character to make a kill becomes the GIANT KING, and whoever defeats the GIANT KING becomes the next GIANT KING.

The GIANT KING, as his name suggests, is bigger than any other KING, and even though he can’t guard he’s massively tough!
His movement is slow because of his size, but his attacks are strong and have a wide reach.

Look down on all of your foes as the GIANT KING and conquer the enemy castle with gigantic skills such as Double Tomahawk and Spinning Blade!

Even the mighty GIANT KING must have a weak point somewhere…

Please note that the opening times will be as seen below

Save the GIANT KING Duration
EST Thursday, July 22nd at 7:00 pm – Sunday, July 25th at 7:00 pm
UTC Friday, July 23rd at 12:00 am – Monday, July 26th at 12:00 am