Get Monster Slayer Buff Gems! April 21st – May 5th

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Get Monster Slayer Buff Gems! April 21st – May 5th

Power up with Monster Slayer!

Monster Slayer Buff Gems are available in Happy Cards Limited Edition right now!
Monster Slayer raises your damage against special enemies like bosses to absurd levels! And of course, popping two or more onto your weapon increases the damage even further!
If you want amazing rewards and a lot of Co-op Points, make sure you grab this powerful buff!

Once the season ends, it’ll change into a popular buff!

Once the season ends, Monster Slayer will turn into a different but popular buff.
Even without a special boss to use it on, Monster Slayer will still give you a huge edge in battle! It doesn’t get much better than this!

This time, Monster Slayer will change into one of these 3 buffs:

・Conserve AP Lv3
・Respawn Speed Up Lv3
・More Bomb Rocks


  • *Please note that this campaign does not affect normal Happy Cards.

Monster Slayer Campaign Duration
EST April 21st at 5:00 am – May 5th at 4:59 am
UTC April 21st at 9:00 am – May 5th at 8:59 am