6/18 Title Update Information

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6/18 Title Update Information

The update was released on June 18 (Thursday).

This update represents a major improvement of the matchmaking system for the Xbox One version of Happy Wars,

and includes a new Co-op Mode difficulty level called “Hell’s Challenge”, and various bug fixes, etc.



■ Major Update Items


・Improvement of matchmaking for the Xbox One version

Matchmaking is now more stable in the Lobby, and disconnects due to network errors are now less likely.

We plan further matchmaking system improvements to come.


・Release of a new difficulty level for Co-op Mode: “Hell’s Challenge”

The difficulty is very challenging, but when you clear it, you can receive lots of Co-op Points.

Players of rank 40 and above are invited to give “Hell’s Challenge” a try!


・Readjusted BOT AI for the Co-op Mode enemies

We’ve tweaked the AI of the special Co-op Mode enemies “Grim Reaper” and “Gatekeeper”.


・4 New quests added


・Various kinds of bug fixes