New “Buff Gem” List is Available!

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New “Buff Gem” List is Available!

We updated the “Buff Gem” list! This has been applied after 7/2 (Thu) update.
Please see the list below.


Buff Name Class
Warrior Slayer All
Mage Slayer All
Attack reach up All
Fast Attack All
Stun Effect Lv3 All
Hyper Magic Shot Mage
Anti-Guard Attack Up Lv3 All
Lightning Enchant Effect All
Farther Wind Blast Mage
Farther Fireball Mage
KO Effect Lv3 All
Wide Dispel Cleric
Smash Power Up Lv3 Warrior
Ambush Damage Up Lv3 All
Shot AP Conserve Lv3 Mage


Buff Name Class
Anti-Warrior Aid All
Anti-Mage Aid All
Mobility Speed Up Lv3 All
Super Ultimate Weapon Cleric
Ice Resistance Lv3 All
Wind Resistance Lv3 All
Lightning Resistance Lv3 All
Fire Resistance Lv3 All
Ambush Damage Down Lv3 All


Buff Name Class
HP&AP Recovery Up Lv3 All
HP&AP Limit Up Lv3 All
Fast Lightning Strike Mage
Wind Specialist Mage
Thunder Specialist Mage
Fire Specialist Mage
Fast Resurrection Cleric
HP Recovery Up Lv3 All
AP Recovery Up Lv3 All
Max HP Up Lv3 All
Fast Heal Cleric


Buff Name Class
Fast Guard Attack Warrior
Uppercut Power-Up Lv3 Warrior, Cleric
Guard Move Speed Up Warrior, Cleric
Guard Attack Up Lv3 Warrior, Cleric
Guard HP Recovery Up Lv3 Warrior, Cleric


Buff Name Class
Conserve AP Lv3 All
Shorten Cooldown Lv3 All
Parameter Boost Lv3 All
Respawn Speed Up Lv3 All