Title Update Information

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Title Update Information

Title Update was released on July 23 (Thursday).

There are several bug fixes implemented as well as a new feature including “Newcomer Buddy Bonus” with this update.

Major Updates

  • “Newcomer Buddy Bonus” has been added to Co-op Mode
  • This increases Co-op points when you team up with players in the status of “Newcomer” and finish the mode together.

  • The attack power of “Newcomer” players has been increased in Co-op Mode
  • The attack power of “Newcomer” players increases in Co-op mode only.
    Let’s support “Newcomer” players and complete the mode together.


  • Co-op mode “Practice” is now gone
  • For the smoother Matchmaking for beginner players, there are only “Normal” and “Hell’s Challenge” modes available in Co-op mode now.

  • The glitch where the progress of the Mission “Challenge to the Top Pro” wasn’t displayed correctly has been fixed.

  • There are other several bugs have been fixed.
    Thank you for your continuous support for Happy Wars