Happy Cards Limited Edition (8/6~8/12)

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Happy Cards Limited Edition (8/6~8/12)

A new item set and a new buff have been added!
The new item set is for Mage “Stardust Mage Set” and the new buff is called “Farther Ice Shot”. “Farther Ice Shot” is a buff that extends the distance of “Ice Shot”.

This week’s Happy Cards Limited Edition makes it easier to obtain this week’s new Mage item “Stardust Mage Set” ,and Warrior item “Demon Samurai Set.”
Happy Cards Limited Edition lasts until August 12 (Wednesday).

Item Name Item Type Buff
Galaxy Hat Helmet Fast Blizzard
Milky Way Robe Armor Anti-Warrior Aid
Planetary Stick Weapon Farther Ice Shot
Meteor Backpack Accessory Conserve AP Lv3


Item Name Item Type
Demon Samurai Helm Helmet
Demon Samurai Armor Armor
Orochi Weapon
Bushido Crest Shield

Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances of obtaining the week’s featured items at the following rates.
The probability of obtaining a Super Premium Item is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% at other times.
The probability of obtaining one of the weekly featured items is 50% of the general Super Premium item rate.