“Special Challenge” is Here! [10/15 -10/28]

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“Special Challenge” is Here! [10/15 -10/28]

“Special Challenge” is still on this week!

“Special Challenge” mode is a special mode that players join forces to defeat a special enemy team with a strong boss. The main enemy this time is “Carnival Clowns”: a group of evil clowns. Don’t let their magical looks deceive you! They have no mercy to attack you, so defeat them with great teamwork.

*Now, you can also earn Co-op points in “Special Challenge.” For Co-op rewards, the items below that are associated with “Carnival Clowns” are added as part of Co-op reward.


Item Name Item Type
Joker Mask Helmet
Joker Costume Armor
Startling Mace Weapon
Playing Card Shield Shield
Clown Mask Helmet
Clown Costume Armor
Shocking Mace Weapon
Poker Shield Shield


“Special Challenge” is available until October 28 (Wednesday).