Happy Lottery

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Happy Lottery

The third campaign of“The Third Anniversary: Three Big Campaigns” is “Happy Lottery”!

During this campaign, in the mission screen there is a special mission called “Happy Lottery Mission”
Those who clear the mission (including Xbox 360 and Xbox One) will be included in a lottery with 103 winners! The top three winners will get super special items only obtainable with this lottery!

The mission “Happy Lottery Mission” can be cleared by winning 5 Quick Matches.

November 9th (Monday) UTC 9:00 – November 19th (Wednesday) UTC 9:00
*Please note that it is necessary to restart the game for the update to have effect.

Application method
By clearing the mission “Happy Lottery Mission” (5 victories in Quick Match) you automatically participate.

First: 3 Special Evolved Weapons level 10 (1 Person)
Second:: 3 Special Evolved Weapons level 5 (1 Person)
Third: 3 Special Evolved Weapons level 1 (1 Person)
Special Prize: 100 Happy Tickets (100 People)

Special Evolved Weapons
All of them have extremely high parameters!

Item Name Class Fixed Buff Attack(Lv10) Magic Attack(Lv10)
Sacred Ascalon Sword Warrior S. Anti-Guard Attack Up Lv3 1355
Eternal Sun Cleric S. Anti-Material Up Lv3 1140
Ouroboros Mage S. Warrior Slayer 1045 1330

*There won’t be any announcement regarding the Lottery winners. The top three winners will receive their items at the beginning of December, and the Special Prize winners will get the tickets during late November.

This is the chance to play Quick Matches and receive valuable items!