“Special Challenge” is Here! [11/12 -11/25]

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“Special Challenge” is Here! [11/12 -11/25]

“Special Challenge” is here for two weeks.

“Special Challenge” mode is a game mode that players join forces to defeat a strong boss.
This time, enemies from “Special Challenge” #5 led by “Ancient Tree” and dark magic specialists “Book of Magic” are back to attack you. These “Wise Men” use ancient knowledge to defeat you, but if you gather all brains and force of your teammate, victory isn’t far from reality!

*Now, you can also earn Co-op points in “Special Challenge.” For Co-op rewards, the items below are added as part of Co-op reward.


Item Name Item Type
Stylish Hat Helmet
Stylish Suit Armor
Crystal Rod Weapon
Monocle Accessory
Brave Hat Helmet
Brave Suit Armor
Brave Rod Weapon
Precious Monocle Accessory


“Special Challenge” is available until November 25 (Wednesday).