Happy Cards Limited Edition – [12/1 -12/9]

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Happy Cards Limited Edition – [12/1 -12/9]

The new Limited Edition Campaign “Buff Gem Blowout!” is on!

The newly added “Buff Gem Blowout!” campaign makes you receive a Buff Gem EVERY TIME you draw a card pack in Happy Cards Limited Edition during Happy Time.

A “Buff Gem” is an item with a strong buff attached that you can get in the Treasure Map’s golden chests, Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition.
Nevertheless, normally the Buff Gem is not 100% guaranteed, that’s why you can’t miss this chance to get a Buff Gem for sure! Let’s draw some card packs at Happy Cards Limited Edition!

* The format of Happy Cards Limited Edition has changed. Instead of having Featured Items every week, there will be a campaign exclusive to Happy Cards Limited Edition every week. Look forward to discovering them!
Please notice that the Limited Edition Campaigns will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.

The “Buff Gem Blowout!” campaign will be on until December 9.