Happy Wars Major Title Update!

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Happy Wars Major Title Update!

The matchmaking in the Xbox One version has greatly improved!
In this Title Update the matchmaking has been improved. The waiting time in the lobby has been reduced making a much smoother multiplayer experience.

In these system improvement the following points have changed
•The split screen feature has been temporally removed.
•The maximum number of players in Quick Match and Co-op Mode has been changed from 20 to 16

Happy Cards Limited Edition has been renewed!
From this update on the Happy Cards Limited Edition format will be different.
Instead of having Featured Items every week, there will be a campaign exclusive to Happy Cards Limited Edition every week. Look forward to discovering them!

“Sell Items” has been added!
“Sell Items” has been added in the “Character” tab. Until now, you could sell items from the “Equip Items” screen, but from now on you will be able to sell up to 10 items in “Sell Items”. In addition, selling items from the “Equip Items” screen is not possible anymore.

The Mage “Wind Blast” and “Fireball” skills’ path has been adjusted.
The “Wind Blast” and “Fireball” skills’ path adjustment makes those skills go uphill.