Happy Cards Limited Edition – December 17 to December 23

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Happy Cards Limited Edition – December 17 to December 23

New Items have been added!
This time it is the mage’s “Bounty Hunter set”.

With this set the buff “Anti-Guard Attack Up Lv3” will appear for the first time in a Mage weapon as a fixed buff! Makes it even more appealing!

The Limited Edition campaign of this update is the “Featured Item Snatch Campaign!”

During “Featured Item Snatch Campaign!” if you draw a Happy Card Limited Edition card pack in Happy Time you have a 100% chance to get one of the Featured Items. What a great campaign!
The Featured Items are 2 sets of each class (a total of 6), so if you use a class Sticker during Happy Time you will get one of the 2 items of your chosen class.

The Featured Items are popular items that appear in Happy Cards which have been chosen by the Happy Wars Management Team.
Of course, this is a great chance to aim for the newly introduced “Bounty Hunter set”, don’t miss it!

・Featured Items

Item Name Item Type
Bounty Hunter Helm Helmet
Bounty Hunter Armor Armor
Wand Saber Weapon
Jetpack Accessory
Galaxy Hat Helmet
Milky Way Robe Armor
Planetary Stick Weapon
Meteor Backpack Accessory


Item Name Item Type
Demon Samurai Helm Helmet
Demon Samurai Armor Armor
Orochi Weapon
Bushido Crest Shield
Golden Skull Helm Helmet
Golden Skull Armor Armor
Chaos Blade Weapon
Golden Skull Shield Shield


Item Name Item Type
Hell Trooper Helm Helmet
Massacre Armor Armor
Torture Drill Weapon
Assault Shield Shield
Giant Horn Helmet
Dwarf Leader’s Armor Armor
Huge Stamp Weapon
Golden Drill Shield Shield