This Week’s Campaign – January 21 to January 27

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This Week’s Campaign – January 21 to January 27

There are two other campaigns on with this update. The first one is “Happy Cards Sale”.

Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition are 25% off.
Happy Cards are a good chance to get Super Premium Items and Buff Gems with strong buffs.
Also, in Happy Cards Limited Edition the “Super Premium Mega Campaign!” is on, which means that the chance of getting Super Premium Items is greatly increased!

For those players coming back, let’s use the received tickets and try to get a Super Premium Item at a cheap price!

Happy Cards Sale is on until Wednesday, January 27.

The other campaign is “Score Galore Campaign!”

The score you can get from Quick Matches and Co-op mode is increased by 50%!
By accumulating score, your character ranks up. It is no less than a 50% increase, so even the beginners can grow strong faster than ever!
By ranking up, the number of items you can wear increases, so don’t miss this chance to make your character stronger.

“Score Galore Campaign!” runs until Wednesday, January 27.