Happy Cards Limited Edition February 4 – February 10

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Happy Cards Limited Edition February 4 – February 10

The Limited Campaign “Featured Item Snatch Campaign!” is on.

“Featured Item Snatch Campaign!” is an awesome campaign that guarantees you a Featured Item when you draw a Card Pack from Happy Cards Limited Edition during Happy Time.
Featured Items are strong and popular items picked up by the Management Team from the items that appear in Happy Cards.

Having trouble getting your kind of items? Class Stickers will come in handy.
Class Stickers allow you draw Happy Cards of one specific class.
The Featured Items are 2 sets from each class, so using a class Sticker will make it very easy to obtain the desired item.

New Items have been added!

“Wasteland Lord Set ” is a mage set with a brutal looking respirator mask for the desert.
This powerful item set for mage types, contains “HP & AP Recovery Up Lv3” and “Conserve AP Lv3” buffs for sustained fights and “Ambush Attack Up Lv3” for higher damage output.
This is your chance to get the new “Wasteland Lord Set” set, don’t miss it!

・List of Featured Items:


Item Name Type
Immortal Mask Helmet
Lord of Citadel Armor
Handle of Fury Weapon
Wasteland Backpack Accessory
Owl Head Helmet
Owl Armor Armor
Night King Weapon
Chronos’ Clock Accessory


Item Name Type
Samurai Helm Helmet
Samurai Armor Armor
Samurai Spear Weapon
Samurai Shield Shield
Elf Cap Helmet
Elven Frock Armor
Elf King’s Sword Weapon
Elf Shield Shield


Item Name Type
Emperor’s Crown Helmet
Emperor’s Mail Armor
Moon Strike Weapon
Blue Diamond Shield Shield
Star-Reader’s Scarf Helmet
Arabian Night Armor
Crystal Mace Weapon
Mach-speed Carpet Shield

You can also check the items in the “Item Lineup” inside Happy Cards Limited Edition.
Shields are used by Warriors and Clerics, while Accessories are common to all classes.

Happy Cards Limited Edition runs until Wednesday, February 10.

*Please note that this campaign does not affect the normal Happy Cards.