Buff Gem Blowout! February 18 – February 24

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Buff Gem Blowout! February 18 – February 24

This week’s Limited Campaign is “Buff Gem Blowout!”

Today we want to introduce our new campaign “Buff Gem Blowout”
While “Buff Gem Blowout” is live, buying Happy Cards Limited Edition guarantees you a “Buff Gem” after receiving the 3 cards. “Buff Gems” are usually obtained from Happy Cards Limited Edition at very low chance.

“Buff Gem” is an item that contains powerful buffs that you can attach to an item in “Item Remodeling”.

This is a great chance to collect “Buff Gems” to customize your items your way.

*Collecting 12 stars when opening card packs will activate Happy Time. Drawing a card pack during Happy Time guarantees you a Super Premium Item.
*Obtained “Buff Gems” can be checked from the submenu Item Remodeling/Add a Buff/ Accessories.

“Buff Gem Blowout!” lasts until February 24 (Wednesday).