Featured Item Snatch Campaign! March 17 – 23

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Featured Item Snatch Campaign! March 17 – 23

The Limited Campaign “Featured Item Snatch Campaign!” is on.

This week we got the “Featured Item Snatch Campaign!” and “Happy Cards sale”! New demon-looking Warrior items and a new buff.
With the 25% discount on Happy Cards Limited Edition, let’s get the new items at a low price!

“Featured Item Snatch Campaign!” is an awesome campaign that guarantees that every time you draw a Super Premium Item from the Limited Edition it will be a Featured Item. Featured Items include the new item set “Arc Demon set” and popular items picked up by the Management Team from the items that appear in Happy Cards.

*When you draw Super Premium Items from Happy Cards Limited Edition they will be guaranteed to be Featured Items.
*The probability of obtaining a Super Premium Item is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% at other times.
*Please note that this campaign does not affect the normal Happy Cards.

New Items have been added!

“Arc Demon set” is a Warrior set with sharp fangs and big evil horns.
This awesome looking item set for Warrior types contains the “Defense Up Lv3” and “Fast Guard Attack” buffs for a defensive playstyle. Of course, the new buff “Hyper Smash” is included as well!

The new Buff “Hyper Smash” has been added!

This buff changes the animation for the “Smash” skill. It also increases the range and damage. With the additional range you can aim for enemies that would normally be out of reach and make the fly away!
Also notice that “Smash” is a default skill that Warriors have from lv1, meaning that you will have the benefit from the buff every match!

“Hyper Smash” will be attached to the “Arc Demon set” weapon “Gluttonous Fiend” as a fixed buff.
There’s a chance of obtaining “Hyper Smash” from other Warrior weapons as a removable buff too.

This is your chance to get the new “Arc Demon set” set, don’t miss it!

“Featured Item Snatch Campaign!” runs until Wednesday, March 23.

List of Featured Items:


Type Name
Helmet Arc Demon Horn
Armor Arc Demon Armor
Weapon Gluttonous Fiend
Shield Arc Demon Shield
Helmet Imperial Knight Helm
Armor Imperial Knight Armor
Weapon Royalty Sword
Shield Shield of the Order


Type Name
Helmet Exotic Crest
Armor Exotic Robe
Weapon Crimson Arrow
Accessory Exotic Talisman
Helmet Demon Horn
Armor Demon Robe
Weapon Deadly Curse Wand
Accessory Hadean Mirror


Type Name
Helmet Crusade Helm
Armor Crusade Armor
Weapon Crusade Hammer
Shield Crusade Shield
Helmet Steampunk Helm
Armor Steampunk Suit
Weapon Mace of Gears
Shield Steampunk Shield

You can also check the items in the “Item Lineup” inside Happy Cards Limited Edition.
Shields are used by Warriors and Clerics, while Accessories are common to all classes.