Item Level Boost campaign April 7 – April 13

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Item Level Boost campaign April 7 – April 13

The Limited Campaign this week is “Item Level Boost campaign”.
During this campaign, ALL the items in Happy Card Limited Edition appear at Level 8!
The items normally appear at Level 1, so it’s recommendable also for the beginners who are longing for strong equipment.

This is a great campaign as not only your favorite items, but all of them are guaranteed to appear at a high level.
Some items are evolvable at Level 10, so you will receive them very close to evolving.
You can save in level up materials too by using the high level items that you get during the campaign!

Furthermore, by combining with “Up! Up! Level-Up Campaign,” you can level up items even more efficiently.
Don’t miss this perfect opportunity! Set up the strongest equipment this week!

*Please note that the Limited Edition Campaigns will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.
“Item Level Boost campaign” will be available through Wednesday, April 13.