New Item Set! “Featured Item Snatch Campaign” April 21 – April 27

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New Item Set! “Featured Item Snatch Campaign” April 21 – April 27

The Limited Campaign this week is “Featured Item Snatch Campaign”.
It includes the items we are all expecting!

During the “Featured Item Snatch Campaign,” a Featured Item is guaranteed to appear each time you win a Super Premium Item in Happy Cards Limited Edition!
In the past, during this campaign the chances of Super Premium Items being Featured Items during Non-Happy Time was 50%. However, we changed the system so you can receive a Featured Item 100% of the times you get a Super Premium Item.
The rate of obtaining Super Premium Item is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% for the rest.

That Contest Winning Items have been added!

We added new equip items.
The Item Design Contest winner’s set has been added!
This time it’s “Ironrock Warrior Set,” which is the essence of warrior’s strength.
The “Ironrock Helmet” of melting hot iron and scarf-equipped “Ironrock Armor” are finally obtainable.
Furthermore, the weapon “Super Plume” is evolvable to “Armgeddon” at level 10.
This weapon is not just looking cool, it has “Anti-Guard Attack” buff, so it’s recommended for warriors with and aggressive playstyle.

■New Items ”Ironrock Warrior Set“

Item Type Item Name Fixed Buff Name
Helmet Ironrock Helm Empty Slot
Armor Ironrock Armor Empty Slot
Weapon Super Plume Anti-Guard Attack Up Lv3
Weapon Armageddon S. Anti-Guard Attack Up Lv3
Shield Ironrock Shield Empty Slot

This meticulously designed winner items already stand out individually, but are even more remarkable in a battle if you complete the whole set!
Let’s get new items during this campaign, and show them off to your friends!

・List of Featured Items

Type Name
Helmet Ironrock Helmet
Armor Ironrock Armor
Weapon Super Plume
Shield Ironrock Shield
Helmet Demon Samurai Helm
Armor Demon Samurai Armor
Weapon Orochi
Shield Bushido Crest


Item Type Item Name
Helmet Giant Horn
Armor Dwarf Leader’s Armor
Weapon Huge Stamp
Shield Golden Drill Shield
Helmet Tricera-Helm
Armor Tricera-Armor
Weapon Tricera-Mace
Shield Tricera-Shield


Item Type Item Name
Helmet Shining Circlet
Armor Shining Suit
Weapon King’s Egg
Accessory Buttflies of Paradise
Helmet Garuda Head
Armor Garuda Suit
Weapon Garuda Stick
Accessory Garuda Wing

*Please note that the Limited Edition Campaigns will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.
*You can also check the items in the “Item Lineup” inside Happy Cards Limited Edition.
*Shields are used by Warriors and Clerics, while Accessories are common to all classes.

“Featured Item Snatch Campaign” will be available through Wednesday, April 27.