“Mega Statue Campaign” May 19 – May 25

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“Mega Statue Campaign” May 19 – May 25

The Limited Campaign “Mega Statue Campaign” is on.

In Happy Card Limited Edition, this campaign multiplies by three the chances to obtain statues!
Statues are popular items that lift up the maximum level of equip items by using them as a level-up material.
Normally you can get them at a 5% chance in Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition.
However, during this campaign the statues appear at a 15% chance in Happy Cards Limited Edition!

Let us explain the items level system.
The max level of each item is 10 when you receive it.
There are two ways to lift up the max level, and by doing that you can increase it up to 15.
One way is to choose the same item as level-up material for the item you want to level up. There are so many items in Happy Wars, so this might be a hard task to accomplish especially when you need many of one specific Super Premium Item.
Here is where the other way comes in: statues have the solution! There are three kinds of statues which can lift up the max level of items increasing 1 to 3 levels at once.

This means that if you get statues during this campaign, you can use them in your favorite items you already own, or wait for items you receive in the future. Statues are valid for any future items.
By the way, there are Item Design Contest Winner items that haven’t appeared yet…!

*Please note that “Mega Statue Campaign” will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.

“Mega Statue Campaign” will be on until Wednesday, May 25.