“Mega Statue Campaign” June 16 – June 22

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“Mega Statue Campaign” June 16 – June 22

The Limited Campaign this week is “Mega Statue Campaign”.

“Mega Statue Campaign”, multiplies by three the chances of obtaining a statue in Happy Cards Limited Edition!
Statues are popular rare item that increase the max level of items.
If you get one, you should use it as a Level-Up material!
The probability of obtaining a Statue is normally 5%, and during this campaign it’s increased to 15%.

The maximum level is 10 for any equip item when you receive them.
You can raise it up to level 15 for any item by using statues.
There are three different kinds of statues; “Heroic Statue”, “Legendary Statue”, and “Mythical Statue”, and each statue raises a different number of levels.
Combine them well and surpass the level cap of your favorite items!

*Please note that “Mega Statue Campaign” will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.

“Mega Statue Campaign” will be on until Wednesday, June 22.