Measures against cheating in Happy Wars: Update

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Measures against cheating in Happy Wars: Update

Thank you for your support and continued patience regarding cheating and data tampering in Happy Wars.

We take any form of cheating very seriously. From the development team to the Executives here at Toylogic, this has been a top priority for us. We greatly appreciate the information players have provided to help us 1) identify such players and 2) prepare solutions.

Over the last few weeks we have identified a number of players engaging in data tampering and cheating in Happy Wars. As of today, April 14th, we have banned over 100 accounts, including both the accounts where the cheating occurred and accounts related to those.
Although some of the more problematic cheaters have had their accounts permanently suspended, we will stay on the lookout for any signs of inappropriate behavior and continue improving security within our games.

We are committed to ensuring a fun, engaging and friendly gaming environment and will continue to diligently (with your help) maintain the Happy Universe as we envisioned. We truly are grateful for your support and ongoing efforts to keep the playing field clean and fun and we welcome any feedback.

If you witness or have knowledge of a player cheating, please contact us through Support.
Thank you for your cooperation.