About League Reward Issue

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About League Reward Issue

This is Happy Wars management team.

After August 6 (Thursday) UTC 0:00, there is an issue where some players cannot receive their league rewards on Xbox 360 version.

This issue occurs when proceeding from Title Screen to Top Menu and the conditions listed below meet.
・You haven’t claimed your rewards yet.
・Title screen displays an error message.

It is currently under investigation, and we are doing our best to find a solution as soon as possible.
We may require some time to solve the issue completely. Thank you for your patience.
Please follow the steps below to avoid the problem occurring.

How to avoid the failure of receiving rewards:
If you see the error message above, please choose “Ok” without closing the window and quit “Happy Wars” with Guide Button on your controller.
Please try again later a bit while later.
When you don’t see the message above, you can proceed to Game Home as usual and you should receive rewards correctly.
If you still see the error message, please repeat the steps until it disappears.

We will announce again about what actions we take for those players who have already claimed rewards.

Thank you for your patience and support for Happy Wars.