“Knockdown Reaper!” Mission

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“Knockdown Reaper!” Mission

This is Happy Wars management team.

Some players have a mission “Knockdown Reaper!” in “Weekly Mission” that has been added with the major title update on August 13 UTC 9:00.

However, currently Grim Reaper no longer appears in Co-op mode in order to ease the Co-op freezing issue. This prevents players from completing “Knockdown Reaper!” and “Mission: Conquest!”.

Therefore, “Knockdown Reaper!” has been replaced with “Kindness is Important!” since August 14 UTC 9:00.

Players who had “Knockdown Reaper!” as one of the weekly missions will automatically have “Kindness is Important!” instead after next log in.

If “Kindness is Important!” overlaps, the “Currently” progress for the mission is shared.

Thank you for your continuous support for Happy Wars.